Community Platform

With the belief of power of collaboration to bring about real change, our Community unit provides a network for content creators to connect and grow called Thinkster with the goal of being a sustainable creator community, allowing our creators to monetize and drive society by providing valuable content creation in a variety of formats.


Key Service

Creativity and collaboration are essential to our company's culture. Through our network, creators get to showcase their talents in various formats. Here, tailored O2O (Online to Offline) campaigns are created for greater impact.

  • Creator Network
  • Campaign
  • Creative Brief
  • Thinkster Academy

What is Thinkster ?

Thinkster is a platform that supports content creators to create, connect and earn!. Our platform offers job and business matching as a market place for brands, investors and creators, as well as a cutting-edge creator profile space integrated with various social media platforms. Additionally, we provide Campaign Co-Creation driving collaboration, Thinkster Academy which brings together top creators in Thailand to exchange their knowledge and talents.

Our Features

Perform Well, Meet Talented Collaborators

Space for you to upload your work

  • The Brand has Seen : Your Nice Profile
  • Readers have Consumed : Good Work for The Heart
  • Connect Creator Network : Create Good Work Together

Come Up with Ideas to Drive Society

Share ideas to drive society

Develop your creativity and motivate others to make positive changes by sharing your ideas with like-minded people.

Try It Out with Creative Brief

Appease the contestants

Give creators a weekly challenge to hone their creativity and skills. Several rewards from brands are offered to encourage you to create fascinating work.

Knowledge Increases the Degree of Divinity

Upgrade your skills

Soft skill and hard skill operate subconsciously. Use both to improve your work.

Our Team

Thinkster Team