We are an multi channel network content provider platform committed to produce inspiring contents driving for better changes with the belief “Create a Better Tomorrow”. Our thought-provoking, joyful, and uplifting contents aim to create a positive difference. We are hybrid and integrated with 5-service offerings generated from our ‘5 C’ business units: End to End Communication, Content, Commercial, Cinema and Community.


Thinkster is a platform that supports content creators to create, connect, and earn!. Our platform offers job and business matching as a market place for brands, investors and creators, as well as a cutting-edge creator profile space integrated with various social media platforms. Additionally, we provide Campaign Co-Creation driving collaboration, Thinkster Academy which brings together top creators in Thailand to exchange their knowledge and talents.

A place for movie lovers, from renowned directors to newbie filmmakers, or even if you’re the only person who just loves to watch them. Strive to add new content weekly. This is a place where everybody can read, write, watch, listen, and communicate. Sit back and enjoy!


Thailand is brimming with food review pages. However, when it comes to pages that depict food stories in the aesthetic and cinematic manners of documentary films and have over a million organic views and followers, people may be able to think of a few pages, or they may only think of SAUCE.

We would like to tell food stories and show people about things other than what their eyes can see. Every food has its origin that you can’t taste, but you can feel. Allow us to transport you to the stories, thoughts, and ways of life that are hidden behind food, so that you can experience the value of food in new ways.

MOODY is a safe place that allows you to learn more about human beings. Understanding yourself and others will allow you to forgive yourself and understand the normalcy of human beings. You are not different, you are not alone, and you can live with strong mental health.

CANDY is a channel that portrays Pop Cultures in easy-to-understand and entertaining ways. Our content pillars include Art, Entertainment, and Lifestyle.

Everyone loves candies because they are sweet and easy to eat.

Let our CANDY channel bring you the useful information for your daily life.

LOCALRY is a mixture between ‘Local’ and ‘Contemporary’. We specialise in asking questions and finding answers. We love to tell stories in a contemporary manner to elevate the quality of local people’s life so that they can live more sustainably in the future.

Human Biz is a human-centric business platform. Which places a strong emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, as we firmly believe that true success in business lies in understanding and meeting human needs, rather than solely focusing on financial gains. We strive to create a positive social impact that extends beyond the business realm.